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The Human Action Podcast: The Coming Financial Repression

UK entrepreneur and founder of the Cobden Centre Toby Baxendale joins Bob to discuss meeting Hayek, the history of economists supporting 100% reserve banking, and the tools central banks and governments will use to enact “financial repression. Click below to listen to the podcast: https://mises.org/library/toby-baxendale-coming-financial-repression

Japan, an Opportunity Awaits Us

I have been in the fish business for just over 30 years. There is no place more idolised as the centre of the world for those of us in fish, than the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is reputed to be the largest in the world. 700,000 tons of fish pass though there each year. 500 […]

Economics for the Many

Economics for the Many by Ed John McDonnell, Verso Books 2018 Democratising Economics in a Post Truth World By Antonia Jennings She argues that economics as we know it is for the self-serving elite. All policies emanating out of economics self-reinforce that elite. The recommendations are: Create an army of “citizen economists.” They would hold […]

What is Right Wing?

Last month on ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie asked “What is Right-wing?”. In this article I seek to answer the question, using small “c” and little “l” to denote the conservative and liberal systems of political-thought and Capital “C” and “L” for the respective political parties of those names. Click HERE to read the full article

The Protectionist Zombie Is Back

Every generation or so, like a zombie, the case against free trade rises from the grave. It’s doing so now. The jungle drums of protectionism are beating in America and Britain just as it prepares to escape the yoke of the EU. With my garlic, sharpened stake and the use of reason, I will now […]

Liberty Me

Jeffery Tucker is a man of great many talents,  energy and vision . He has set up an on line pro liberty loving community http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/liberty-me—2 this will be one for all of us free market for peace and anti excessive state people to get involved with. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0lBr3Na4mI[/youtube] You can find out more about Jeff via […]

My Time for Speakers for Schools

I thoroughly endorse this initiative and have been proud to contribute. This is how it first came about. In 2010 I was interviewed for a BBC programme about the financial crisis by Robert Peston.  By a strange quirk of fate, I realised that in my restaurant supply days I had served his sister, the likeable […]