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IM70.3 Mallorca – The Chairman's report

This is the second time I have raced IM70.3 in Mallorca and I knocked 11 mins off last years race coming in at 5:22:16 – being over 43 years old, I guess I can only be thankful that there was progress. What was remarkable this year was the 3,200 participants against 1900 in 2012 . […]

AEP and “The Chicago Plan Revisited

Towards the end of last year, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard discovered the IMF working paper “The Chicago Plan Revisited” (PDF), which “revives the scheme first put forward by professors Henry Simons and Irving Fisher in 1936 during the ferment of creative thinking in the late Depression”. He was perplexed: Arguably, it would smother freedom and enthrone a Leviathan state. […]

Ron Paul’s Monetary Policy Anthology

I received an email the other day from Paul-Martin Foss, Legislative Assistant at the Office of Congressman Ron Paul: Dear Friends of Dr. Paul, If you are receiving this email, it is because you are a friend of Dr. Paul, a witness at one of our monetary policy hearings, a contributor to what has become […]

Exorcising the Ghost of Ironman Zurich

After a poor performance in the above in the summer, I thought I should get back to the IM70.3 distances which I am much more suited to. The IM70.3 Lanzarote event is held at Club La Santa, Mecca for the sporty person. I am surprised I have not been here before ­ it is simply […]

Communist Approval For Western Central Banking

I received an interesting email recently from a distinguished colleague in Spain. He was looking at the Central Bank of Cuba’s website where they state their monetary policy. He said to me, “you could ask your readers if they can grasp similarities and spot differences (other than that they recognize they are not a market […]

The Motive Powers Of Destructionism

Its a great pleasure to wake up in the morning on holiday and read something very true, as always, from Mises. Its also a great pleasure to get emails from fellow Cobdenites. One of our supporters sent me this link to a recent Bloomberg article. In short, it has got on the band wagon of […]

The Hope Of Osborne And The Error Of Osborne

The following quote is taken from page 155 of Capital and Production by Richard von Strigl, which you can download in PDF format from our downloads section, or in various formats from Mises.org. H/T to Sean Corrigan for drawing our attention to this note. The Error Financing consumption through consuming capital also occurs in what […]

The Ultimate Subsidy For The Rich

I am delighted that Fraser Nelson and the Spectator have picked up something we have been saying all the time for our nearly three years in existence: that QE is a regressive tax that transfers from the poor to the rich and should be stopped with immediate effect. This of course should not be the […]

Gross And Net Product

The other day I happened to be talking to a politician who was also a successful entrepreneur. He knew of the absurdity that when there is more taken in tax receipts or borrowed from future taxpayers, this extraction of wealth adds to the GDP statistics. Creating more outside money via QE does the same. All […]

Did The Savings Glut Or Massive Monetary Epansion Cause The Boom And The Bust?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard recently pinned the blame for the financial crisis on “Asia’s `Savings Glut’”. This idea is not new. For readers who may have missed it the first time, we’re republishing this article from September 2009 which argues that monetary policy caused the boom, the bust and the savings glut. Distinguished commentator and economist Martin Wolf […]