This is a documentary that is long overdue, written from the perspective of the Austrian School. These are the economists of Business Cycle Theory — the theory that predicted our boom and bust. [vimeo height=”360″ width=”620″][/vimeo] I invite you to watch this film and make up your own mind. Austrian School views were prevalent up to the 1930s, when politicians embraced the ideas of John Maynard Keynes. Tested to destruction, Keynesian policies were finally dropped by policymakers all over the globe, only to be replaced by an economic framework that used the same methodological tools. Stressing money as the Alpha and the Omega, Monetarism came to prominence in the 1980s. By the 90s it had faded into the void, replaced by politicised central bank interest rate manipulation and attempts at “demand management”. The failure of this latest form of economic central planning is what we observe today. The Austrian School, being the only school showing the errors of all of the approaches above, is slowly regaining its influence. This film will do its bit to spread our ideas. It is a crowd-funded documentary, so if you enjoy the film I urge you make a donation.