The above company recently acquired the state of the art , best in class InnovaMar salmon processing facility and has leased it back to Salmar itself . Since 2009, Salmar have invested 550m NOK in constructing it. It has been a great pleasure to be involved, in a small way, with this sale a lease back. This investment is continuing our theme of liking investments fish and commercial property sector.

SalMar’s market value is NOK 6,6bn (21. May 2013). SalMar also owns 14.9% of the stock exchange listed Faroese salmon company BakkafrostPf, which has a market value of NOK 3.4bn (21. May 2013) and still has Regin Jacobsen in control with high family participation in the ownership structure.

The largest shareholder of SalMar ASA is KvervaAS, with 53.4% of the shares. KvervaAS is an investment company that invests in the global seafood industry. KvervaAS is controlled by Gustav Witzøe, the founder of SalMar.

We like the high concentration of family ownership with the original families of both, and

For more about this facility , you can see on Salmar’s website here, where these pictures are taken from.